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Better Health For Everyone

Together, we are building a sustainable future based on a versatile use of natural medical foods. Rooted in responsibility – driven by innovation.

Today, we continue to forge the way for natural products with innovative formulas that deliver research-proven ingredients, always safety and purity tested in our production facility. These products are formulated based on the latest nutritional science to ensure appropriate potencies and optimal combinations for absorption, utility and effectiveness. We’re proud to offer the best-selling pure palmitoylethanolamide and we hear from our customers repeatedly that they never felt a difference – until they tried ours.

Our mission: Care Health Holding will be a leader in science-based natural healing and wellbeing, benefiting our customers and the world.

Our vision: To protect and activate wellness naturally through our commitment to developing trusted, science-based, transparent, expert-formulated products while being socially and environmentally responsible.



We believe absolute transparency is the only way to uphold the trust you place in us every time you purchase a product from Care Health Holding.

Care Health Holding is a leader in providing the market with science-proven substances ignored by the big pharmaceutical industry simply because they cannot be patented. Despite this, these substances have a lot of scientific research performed by top scientists backing them up as very potent aids.

We are a team of experts dedicated to providing top quality, pharmaceutical grade solutions, devoid of side effects, continually tried and tested through in-house and independent testing.

We believe transparency begins with the way we formulate and extends through every ingredient choice all the way to the finished goods and the bottles in which they are delivered to you! We consider scientific proof imperative.

This is why all our products come from highly rated scientific studies and the end products are tested according to the highest industry standards. What we consider paramount is putting the spotlight on science in our quest for quality, efficacy and bioavailability. We are sure that what we offer is effective and completely safe.


Extensive clinical studies

We are passionate about providing the world with science-based solutions for medical conditions with significant unmet need. Many of these solutions are already familiar within the scientific community, but they are not interesting to most pharmaceutical companies since they cannot be patented. All of the formulations that we develop are scientifically validated through human and animal clinical studies.

We use the latest technology and production capabilities available only at our production facilities to make the most effective products on the market. We have uncompromisingly high standards and only use the highest quality ingredients. We find great satisfaction in the improvement in quality of life that our customers experience with our products.

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