Dr.Frank Bio

Harrison “Gabe” Frank, MD is the founder of the Frank Institute for Health and Wellness and a former professional basketball player and neurosurgeon.

He is a rehabilitation physician specialized in rehabilitation and regenerative medicine.
Treating cause and not only consequence is his goal. This way people can establish homeostasis and be healthy in the most natural way possible.

“As a former professional athlete, I understand the issues with living with daily pain. Prior to my daily use of peaCURE, I would suffer from almost constant pain. Whether it was my back, knee, ankle, or the pain running down my leg, it was constant. After about 2 weeks of using PEA, the joint and back pain was 90% better, and the pain in my leg was virtually gone. That is why I am so passionate about peaCURE. I have seen the relief not only in myself, but in my patients as well.

As Americans, we are constantly assaulted with unhealthy options and “quick fixes” for our busy lives. Chronic inflammation is the root cause of most chronic disease processes. The use of a healthy diet with fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, and removal of processed foods are all important in healthy lifestyle.

However, for many that is not enough to relieve pain. It wasn’t for me. The addition of PEA Cure into my daily routine has given me back a quality of life I did not think was possible anymore!”
Harrison Frank, MD

That's me jumping right there. #25 is Jimmy King from the Fab 5
That’s me jumping right there. #25 is Jimmy King from the Fab 5.


Medical Education

Dr. Frank graduated at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. He acquired a degree in biology.

After his graduation he played basketball professionally in the US and abroad for three years.
However, after a severe back injury, his career of a professional athlete was over and he decided to widen his medical education at the Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia.

His medical training continued at the Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center where he became neurosurgical resident, the completed his fellowship in neurorehabilitation and then became faculty/clinical instructor.

Regenerative and anti-aging medicine became the focus of Dr. Frank’s attention so he had training at the American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine.

Me dunking during a training session.
Me dunking during a training session.


Sports achievements

Dr. Frank was a professional athlete for three years. He played for
– Rockford Lightning (CBA) where he led the league in 3pt % at 54 % and was in the All Rookie 2nd team
– Chicago Bulls (2001 summer league team)
– Maccabi Hadera (Israeli First Division)
– Chicago Skyliners (ABA2000)
– Oklahoma Storm (USBL) where he won the league under Kareem Abdul-Jabar and was in Top 5 in 3pt % and free throws


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