Information for Specialists and General Practitioners

Below you can find some general information regarding palmitoylethanolamide. Each of these claims has been tried and tested by medical professionals. For in-depth explanations about any of the bullet points, feel free to contact us and we will provide answers and references based on scientific studies published in medical journals.

Mind you, this is just the top of the iceberg in the form of just some basic information. We strongly advise your doctor become familiar with PEA in depth. Furthermore, everything you will read bellow has been proven through more than 400 studies.

  • Our peaCURE is a supplement, so you do not need a prescription
  • Our peaCURE has an NNT of 1.5
  • It is completely natural and present in our bodies
  • It is completely devoid of any side effects – a huge advantage over vast majority of drugs
  • There are no interactions with any other medicines. Our peaCURE is endogenous and many people use it alongside painkillers, or as support for cancer treatment
  • There is no habituation
  • Nobody should be allergic to peaCURE
  • It affects receptors such as PPAR-alpha, TRPV1, GPR55, GPR119 and CB1 and CB2 through binding or Entourage effect
  • This means it is particularly effective against chronic pain, inflammation, neuropathy and any kind of cell damage
  • When used as a supplement, its amounts build up, so it can be used as prevention, especially against inflammatory conditions such as allergies, flu or cold
  • It also protects nerve cells
  • It takes some time for peaCURE to build up in our organism and show its effects. This buildup period depends on each individual’s absorption capacity and severity of condition and can range from a few days to up to three months.

Scientific literature

Since the 1970s, its effectiveness as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic has been positively evaluated in more than 30 clinical trials involving approximately 6,000 patients. The most comprehensive of these was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial that involved 636 patients with severe sciatic pain, which demonstrated a significant analgesic effect for both dosages used (300 and 600 mg).

Other studies have noted that palmitoylethanolamide can also have a beneficial effect on the moods of those suffering from chronic pain.

As of 2015, Pubmed lists more than 500 articles about the physiological and therapeutic properties of palmitoylethanolamide.


We would also like to emphasize that our production process has been both GMP and FSSC 22000-certified and that our products meet the strictest regulations. Our production process ensures that the only thing you get is pure palmitoylethanolamide packed in a vegetarian capsule. There are absolutely no sweeteners, additives or fillers.


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