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I am a retired RN (registered nurse) with 22-year experience in a variety of nursing fields, the majority being ICU/ER and Mental Health.

Besides being an RN, mother, wife, I was a rancher raising horses and competing racing 50 miles in a day on my horses.

My very busy life came to a screeching halt in 2009 with my 4th head injury from what I refer to as my ejection ride. I stabilized to a point 7 yrs ago until this last May when I sat down to tie my shoe, missed the step and fx my tail bone.

Everything was fine, 40 yrs of being an equestrian it wasn’t the first time and really did not give me any problems for 8 days. I was out in the garden and stood up from squatting pulling some little weeds, when I had a flood of nausea, dizziness, and could barely walk. I had to call to my spouse to help me to the house. The next morning when I woke up I had a ringing in my ear and a strange decrease in sensation from the waist down. I began to have constipation issues, bladder issues and horrible pain which would start at the base of my spine and go the entire length, along with electrical shocks firing randomly across my body.

I had a Tarlov cyst which had from the fall become symptomatical. These cysts also can cause Arachnoiditis, which if goes untreated for more than 3 months can lead to Adhesive Arachnoiditis, a progressive, painful disease compared to end stage cancer for pain in it late stages.

These are both disease which are rare, it’s exceedingly difficult to find a Dr. who is willing to research it if they don’t’ know about it (most don’t) and help you will treatment. Patients are left to find their own solutions for months and, unfortunately for many I’ve talked to, for years. The people who delayed treatment progress quite rapidly at times.

I now have arachnoiditis and a small percent of that (about 10%) is Adhesive Arachnoiditis. I managed my symptoms with cannabis and flexiril, then researched what else I could do as I sought out medical help.

I found PEA. I originally started with another brand in mid September and immediately within 48hrs it helped immensely with the neuroinflammation in my neck which had been limiting the use of my arms to only doing lifting things at or below my raise level and electric shocks.* That brand, although ok and effective, did not have a product consistency which was pleasant or easy to use in the sublingual route and I had some shipping confusion with several of my orders which left me a 4 day period where I was out and things started to return and hurt more.

Switched to peaCURE. The texture of the product for sublingual is much easier to take. Things improved and I had better response with peaCURE. After several weeks, when I went up to 6 capsules a day the ringing in my ear lessened and was absent for longer periods of time.* The ringing was the first symptom I noticed in May and is the last to go which I can detect.*

I am able to do my housework, moderate amount of cooking, walk the dogs and things which I just could not do or started and could not complete.

I dropped my dose recently since things were going well to 5 then 4, and was doing well there. Then I slipped in the kitchen (no fall) but my right leg stretched out in front of me and as I reached for the counter to catch myself I felt a pull on my spinal column from head to tail and an immediate flare. Went back up to 6, increased my other pain med (cannabis) and made it through that without a major flare and was fine 4 days later.

3 wks later I fell hard going out the porch steps and hit my right buttock, right elbow (cut) and mid back. It stunned me a bit and was as hard a hit as I had back in May when this started. I could tell when I got up my spinal column was affected, had a Dr. appointment, went to that, soreness and pain did not set in until later in the day, so again increased to 6, increased my cannabis and prayed I would be ok enough to make it to my 2 hr away Integrative Medicine Clinic for my first appointment with someone who was interested in learning more about my disease and helping me.

I was and after 4 hrs in the car and a 2 1/2 hr appointment. I was fine, with mild symptoms, relieved with massage and sleep. I am absolutely positive that if I had not been on the peaCURE at the time of the 3 wks before spine pull and then 3wks later reinjuring fall I would have at the very least had an ambulance ride to ER and been on narcotics and other meds I would prefer not to take.*

The usual meds used for this disease are gabapentin for the neuroinflammation, Lyrica, and heavy narcotics, all of which have side effects, requirements for lab testing to make sure there is not organ damage happening, addiction potential for the narcotics, constipation etc. Besides they do not do anything to put your body in a homeostasis enviroment like both PEA and Cannabis do. I’ve heard comments from some who’s quit gabapentin from the side effects try PEA and say it works better for them than the gabapentin does with no side effects. I have an order for a Tordadol injection if my neuroinflammation symptoms become too much and I’m happy to say I’ve only needed one and that was before I went to 6 a day of the peaCURE.* I am excited about peaCURE and the help it has given me. I’ve had a couple of friends try it who have also been happy with their result.*

*Results may vary from person to person.

Leah Nosack – peaCURE customer

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