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Aside from pure palmitoylethanolamide, our products contain some other ingredients.

peaCURE capsules product has only palmitoylethanolamide and the capsule it is delivered in. The capsules are vegetarian and made of cellulose. There are no other ingredients such as excipients, taste modifiers, preservatives or any other additives. Just pure PEA in a vegetarian capsule.

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Liposomal peaCURE has more ingredients due to the way liposomes are made and kept stable. However, as you can see, the ingredients are not unusual or dangerous for most people.

The most abundant ingredient in Liposomal peaCURE is water, which comprises at least 77% of the product. Next in line is lecithin which is important for phospholipids. It can be sourced either from soy or sunflower and completed product contains 11.2% of lecithin. It also contains 7.8% of glycerol.

Alcohol is very important for stability of liposomes and we are proud to say that our Liposomal peaCURE boasts both unmatched stability and the lowest levels of alcohol for a top liposomal product on the market. Liposomal peaCURE contains less than 1.5% of alcohol, which is remarkable for any liposomal product, let alone one that boasts the stability of Liposomal peaCURE.

We also have 0.2% of potassium sorbate.

Last, but by no means least, our Liposomal peaCURE contains 3.2% of EndoPEA-sourced palmitoylethanolamide.

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Due to the improved bioavailability of the liposomal version of the product, it is enough to take up to 7.5 ml of liquid daily.

There are no other ingredients in any of our palmitoylethanolamide products.

Due to overwhelming demand, we have very limited inventory. Please contact our support for more details and ordering options.